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Multiple Threat Alert Center is responsible for collecting, analyzing, and disseminating information regarding criminal, terrorist, foreign intelligence, cyber, and other threats—to foster and support NCIS operations and investigations and to inform Naval and Marine Corps commanders, who must make decisions about force protection, security, and other operational issues.

Multiple Threat Alert Center contributions support warfighting dominance across the full spectrum of naval operations, to include the maritime, cyberspace, and information domains. It also has responsibility for providing worldwide asymmetric threat warning to Department of the Navy through the operation of a 24/7 watch center dedicated to this task. 

Additionally, the Multiple Threat Alert Center is the DON lead for Defense Department programs including the Law Enforcement Defense Data Exchange System, eGuardian, and the NCIS-originated Law Enforcement Information Exchange. These programs are secure, state of the art, web-based law enforcement information sharing tools that enable agents and analysts in multiple agencies to "connect the dots" and promote more efficient and effective responses to criminal and terrorist threats.