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Criminals each day are seeking to infiltrate online networks used by Sailors, Marines, and Department of the Navy personnel through hacks and malicious code, or they're combing through social media sites for personally identifiable information to exploit. Even criminals whose crimes aren't committed online are leaving behind critical information of evidentiary value on their cellphones, computers, and tablets. As more business, government, and social activities are conducted online, NCIS Cyber is responding to meet criminals where they operate—in cyberspace.
NCIS Special Agents, computer scientists, investigative computer specialists, intelligence specialists, and contractors use NCIS Cyber capabilities to disrupt, deter, and mitigate criminal, terrorist, and foreign intelligence threats against the DON by:

  • Providing full-spectrum investigative and operational activities in the cyber domain

  • Coordinating with law enforcement and intelligence agencies in the U.S. and abroad

  • Conducting electronic media forensics

  • Tracking developments and trends in malware, phishing, and other computer intrusions

  • Countering cyber actors targeting data for exfiltration

In today's cyber threat environment, it is impossible for a law enforcement organization to combat cybercrime alone. To keep pace with emerging threats, technology, and crime trends, NCIS Cyber maintains strong relationships with local, state, Federal, and foreign law enforcement and intelligence agencies, as well as industry and academia, through partnership programs, subject matter expert exchanges, and capacity-building initiatives.