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What is FOIA?   
The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) is a law that gives you the right to access information from the federal government. It is often described as the law that keeps citizens in the know about their government. The purpose of this page is to assist you in requesting various types and categories of public information relating to NCIS programs, per the FOIA (5 USC 552).
NCIS maintains records regarding General Crimes and casualties for the United States Navy and Marine Corps, as well as records regarding NCIS Annual Crime Reports and Administrative Manuals.
Frequently requested records are posted in our Electronic Reading Room. Please check our Reading Room before submitting a FOIA request.
Military, Federal and local law enforcement agencies requesting records should contact the NCIS Records Management Branch.
How to Submit a FOIA request:
  • Describe the specific record(s) you are seeking with enough detail so that a knowledgeable agency official may locate the record(s) with a reasonable amount of effort. Such detail should include descriptive information, timeframe to be searched, full names, and any other pertinent information that may assist in identifying the subject of the request.
  • State your willingness to pay all fees or those up to a specified amount or provide a justification to support a fee waiver.
  • Be sure to include your name, address (including zip code), email address, and telephone number.
FOIA requests should be submitted electronically to NCIS_FOIA@ncis.navy.mil. Or by mail:
Naval Criminal Investigative Service
Attn:  FOIA
27130 Telegraph Rd
Quantico, VA 22134
How to submit Privacy Act Request:
Individuals seeking access to records about themselves contained in a system of records should follow the same guidelines as submitting a FOIA request. However, you must also include a signed copy of the FOIA Request for Records form. This form can be submitted electronically via email to NCIS_FOIA@ncis.navy.mil or via mail. 

FOIA requesters who may have questions concerning the processing of their requests, should contact the NCIS FOIA Liaison at (571) 305-9092 or via NCIS_FOIA@ncis.navy.mil. Please indicate your name, information request, and an email address where you can be reached and representative will contact you shortly.

If you are not satisfied with the response from this center, you may contact the DON FOIA Public Liaison at 202-685-0412 or DONFOIA_PA@navy.mil.

For additional information on FOIA and the Privacy Act, refer to the Department of the Navy's website:  https://www.secnav.navy.mil/foia