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The Office of Forensic Support is a team of specially trained forensic consultants that assist in the processing of crime scenes. Although all NCIS Special Agents receive basic forensic training, these consultants are experts in crime-scene reconstruction, firearms trajectory, blood spatter analysis, and human remains recovery and examination. Their input is critical to a range of investigations, from deaths to economic crimes and even counterintelligence. Forensic consultants:

  • Use advanced forensic techniques to process crime scenes.
  • Review physical evidence in death cases.
    • Including any action documents, photographs, sketches, and statements that relate to the scene
  • Provide basic forensics training to NCIS Special Agents.
  • Procure and maintain forensic equipment.
  • Coordinate with labs and other experts to analyze evidence.
  • Leverage partnership opportunities through participation in law enforcement working groups.
  • Create 3D graphics to visualize crime scenes.