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Identity Activities is the synchronized application of biometrics, forensics, and identity intelligence analysis to establish the uniqueness of an individual, deny anonymity to adversaries, and protect Department of the Navy assets, facilities, and warfighters.
NCIS Technical Service Field Office, Identity Activities (TSFO-IA) branch supports NCIS field activities by applying identity activities through a full range of operations to include counterterrorism, counterintelligence, and criminal investigations.
The TSFO-IA team is comprised of Identity Activities Specialists familiar with the nuances of collecting, sharing, and analyzing identity information.  These team members use specialized equipment, software, and databases to search and target collected identities.  TSFO-IA missions span the globe in protection of the Department of the Navy and our Nation from nefarious individuals. These missions include:
  • Training and equipping NCIS Agents and their designees to use biometric collection devices
  • Identity Activities support to Department of Navy Installations and Special Events
  • Partner nation fingerprint card digitization
  • Advanced facial recognition