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The NCIS Law Enforcement Information Exchange (LInX) has evolved over time from a regional information-sharing program to one being shared by patrol officers, investigators and crime analysts from over nearly 2,000 agencies across the country.

LInX was created after USS COLE bombing and the Sept. 11th 2001 terrorist attacks demonstrated a need that Department of Defense, federal, state, county, tribal, and municipal law enforcement agencies engage in information sharing on an unprecedented level. Events and reports including the 9/11 Commission Report, the 2010 Fort Hood Recommendations, and the 2012 White House National Strategy for Information Sharing and Safeguarding, further stressed the need for LInX's comprehensive information-sharing capabilities across law enforcement.  

LInX's growth into one of the largest law enforcement information sharing systems in the world is based on a simple concept:  Allow local and state agencies to share their law enforcement records with each other to assist with investigations and crime analysis across jurisdictional lines. Patrol officers, investigators, or analysts with access to LInX can use the program's wide-ranging search and retrieval capabilities to gather critical and otherwise inaccessible information using LInX's robust search and analysis features. Users can find, identify and analyze suspects, relationships, criminal methods of operation, histories and mugshots all via a single intuitive secure web-based user interface. LInX makes the identification and prosecution of criminals and terrorists not only possible, but easier.  

Use the links below to learn more about the data contributed to LInX and its user base, the user interface itself, and to read some examples from the steady stream of success stories, or law enforcement agencies can CONTACT US for more information about joining LInX.