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Join the NCIS Team! 

NCIS relies on a highly skilled, diverse, and agile professional workforce to navigate a rapidly evolving threat landscape. Each of our positions - from Special Agents to Intelligence Specialists to human resources and beyond - play a critical role in executing the NCIS mission.

Are you versatile, driven, and eager to work in challenging and complex environments? If so, NCIS may be the place for you.

Agents standing on pier of a Naval Port

NCIS Special Agents

Special Agents are among the most adept and resourceful law enforcement professionals operating today. Never restricted to a narrow specialty, even relatively junior agents are expected to handle a wide variety of criminal, counterterrorism, and counterintelligence matters with equal skill. Special Agents serve in assignments around the globe - even aboard Navy vessels. 

NCIS Intelligence Specialists

Intelligence Specialists counter dynamic worldwide asymmetric threats to the Department of the Navy through proactive analysis to drive priority operations and investigations.

NCIS Cyber Specialists

Cyber Specialists provide timely, high quality, digital and multimedia forensics; deliver innovative cyber solutions to optimize workforce potential and enhance enterprise capabilities; maintain, develop, leverage, and mature partnerships and information sharing; and conduct timely analysis identifying existing and emerging threats.

NCIS Internships

NCIS offers various internship opportunities through our NCIS Honors Intern Program for college students and the NCIS Wounded Warrior Intern Program for individuals who are part of the Department of Defense Operation Warfighter Program.


NCIS also offers a wide variety of career paths in areas including:

Forensic Science
Information Technology
Security/Clearance Adjudication
Administrative Support


Start your journey with a law enforcement agency dedicated to a critical global mission. A challenging and rewarding adventure awaits you at NCIS.

We do not accept phone calls. If you have a career question, contact NCIS at NCISCAREERS@ncis.navy.mil.