The NCIS mission is to investigate and defeat criminal, terrorist, and foreign intelligence threats to the United States Navy and Marine Corps-ashore, afloat, and in cyberspace.
Strategic Vision 

Strategic Vision

NCIS contributes to the security of the United States by investigating major criminal activity impacting the Department of the Navy. This vital work takes place across many boundaries and domains and relies upon close cooperation with a diverse group of partners at home and abroad. As the naval services deploy forces in new, more widely dispersed, and sometimes unfamiliar modes and contexts, NCIS will coordinate and focus its recruitment, training, resources, and operations to provide the right capability at the right time.

NCIS strategy aligns with NCIS-specific capabilities that support U.S. naval forces as they address emerging challenges. NCIS strategy is mapped to three general assumptions:

  • Naval forces will be in high demand, and employed in traditional and non-traditional missions, focused on maritime security, irregular challenges, theater security cooperation, regional engagement, partnership building, humanitarian assistance, and maritime domain awareness;¬†
  • Navy and Marine Corps units will operate in unfamiliar expeditionary environments requiring local cultural expertise. Intelligence and cultural/geopolitical knowledge requirements for leaders will be significant;¬†
  • The emerging nexus of crime, terrorism and warfare requires a special focus on enhancing working relationships and the exchange of information among military, intelligence,¬†security, and law enforcement organizations.
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