The NCIS mission is to investigate and defeat criminal, terrorist, and foreign intelligence threats to the United States Navy and Marine Corps-ashore, afloat, and in cyberspace.

 Protective Operations Field Office

Protective Operations Field Office

Office Address and Contact Information:
FAX: 202-433-6701

Office Overview:
The Protective Operations Field Office (POFO) located at the Washington Navy Yard supports 13 Department of Defense/Department of the Navy (DOD/DON) High Risk Billets (HRB) with full or part-time personal security advisors (PSA) leading a team of Special Agents and military Protective Service Specialists, as dictated by their HRB level and operationally, POFO directly manages protection details on six DoD/DoN High Risk Personal (HRP), including:

Secretary of the Navy
Chief of Naval Operations
Commandant of the Marine Corps
Commander, Central Command
Commander, Special Operations Command
Commander, International Security Assistance Force

NCIS is one of five DoD agencies authorized to conduct protection of DoD HRP, and is the only entity within the Department of the Navy authorized to do so. The mission is to prevent terrorist and/or criminal attacks on principals under NCIS executive protection coverage and execute the necessary and appropriate response to a threat and/or attack on a principal. POFO will also initiate investigations on individuals and groups who meet a specific threshold when a threat is detected or needs to be validated. POFO also provides and coordinates executive protection to Foreign Senior Officers officially visiting the US and DoD senior leadership as well as other DoD/U.S. Government (USG) officials as required by the Office of the Secretary of Defense and other DoD/USG agencies.

Investigative Units:
To supplement POFO's operational mission, POFO maintains an internal Protective Intelligence Unit (PIU) to identify potential threats that could affect a principal, understand a principal's level of vulnerability to any given threat, and use available intelligence to mitigate threats and/or risk to a principal. The PIU also provides analytical support to NCIS Protective Service teams located in the geographical Field Offices.

PIU works extensively with the U.S. Secret Service, Pentagon Force Protection Agency, U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Division, Air Force Office of Special Investigations and the U.S. Marshals Service. PIU has established a threat data base which is accessible by other USG agencies for informational purposes and to which they can contribute information.  

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