The NCIS mission is to investigate and defeat criminal, terrorist, and foreign intelligence threats to the United States Navy and Marine Corps-ashore, afloat, and in cyberspace.
NCIS Most Wanted Fugitives 

NCIS Most Wanted Fugitives

Have You Seen Any of These People?

The Naval Criminal Investigative Service is seeking assistance in locating the following persons.  If you have information regarding these individuals, please contact the Naval Criminal Investigative Service, 1-877-579-3648 (24-Hour Hotline); call your nearest NCIS Field Office; or submit a report or tip online using the link below:

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Micah Weaver                                                                          
Wanted For:  Nationwide extradition, Failure to Appear; Grand Larceny, ID Theft, Credit Card Theft, Fraud

Martens- Captured

Brandon Clinton Martens                                                                
Wanted For:  Possession of Child Pornography


Moataz H. Ghonem                                                                          Wanted For:  Rape and Desertion 

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Nestor Ivan Suazolopez                                                                        Wanted For:  Rape and Desertion

Justin Adam Lloyd - Wanted photo

Justin Adam Lloyd                                                                           Wanted For:  Desertion and Larceny of US Government Property

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NCIS Most Wanted Photograph:  Abdi Elmi Gulaid

Abdi Elmi Gulaid
Wanted For:  Desertion and Rape

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NCIS Most Wanted Photograph: Bladimir Flores

Bladimir Flores
Wanted For:
Desertion and questioning

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NCIS Most Wanted Photograph:  Harley C. Defreitas

Harley C. Defreitas
Wanted For:  Desertion and Larceny of Government Property

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NCIS Most Wanted Photograph:  James Tait Praefke

James Tait Praefke
Wanted For:  Escape and Desertion

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