The NCIS mission is to investigate and defeat criminal, terrorist, and foreign intelligence threats to the United States Navy and Marine Corps-ashore, afloat, and in cyberspace.
Hawaii Field Office 

Hawaii Field Office








Office Address and Contact Information:

Telephone: 808-474-1218
DSN: 315-474-1218

Office Overview:
The NCIS Hawaii field office is located on the island of Oahu on the historic Pearl Harbor Naval Base. NCIS Hawaii Field Office is comprised of NCISRA Hawaii (co-located with the field office), NCISRA Kaneohe Bay located at Marine Corps base Kaneohe and NCISRA Marianas located on the Island of Guam. The Field Office provides a full spectrum of activities to help ensure the safety, security and readiness of thousands of service members and their families. Some of the major commands supported by NCIS Field Office Hawaii are Pacific Command (PACOM); Pacific Fleet (PACFLT), Commander Navy Region Hawaii, Commander Navy Region Marianas and Submarine Pacific (SUBPAC) in addition to hundreds of tenant commands. NCIS Field Office Hawaii’s multi-faceted capabilities are in high demand in the areas of general criminal investigations, counterintelligence (CI) investigations/operations, cyber, polygraph, tech, analytical and technical surveillance counter-measures (TSCM).

Territory Overview: Hawaii
NCIS Field Office Hawaii’s General Crimes squad carries out its broad mission of helping keep Navy and Marine Corps families and property safe. The squad includes the Family and Sexual Violence Unit and the Major Case Response Team. The Field Office handles fraud investigations ranging from conflict of interest and kickbacks to bribery and contract fraud. Synthetic drugs such as Spice and other emerging criminal threats are also investigated. NCIS Field Office Hawaii uses community education along with proactive operational efforts, often working with local, state and federal counterparts to successfully disrupt these threats in targeted areas.

NCIS Field Office Hawaii’s Foreign Counterintelligence (FCI) program handles investigations and proactive operations to identify and counter insider and foreign adversarial threats to PACOM/PACFLT and other DON commands.     

NCIS Pacific Cyber Operations Hawaii's principal role is support to investigations and operations in the Pacific Region.  With six cyber personnel co-located within the Hawaii Field Office, they have been responsible for identification of foreign cyber attacks into DON sites as well as providing analysis of compromised systems impacting the PACOM region.

NCIS Field Office Hawaii Tech unit has been instrumental in supporting several high profile CI investigations. Likewise, NCIS Field Office Hawaii's analytical unit provides a full spectrum analytical capability covering cyber, CI/CT and Crim. NCIS Field Office Hawaii TSCM unit provides direct support to PACOM and PACFLT and other commands within the region to help prevent the compromise of operating environments by foreign adversaries.

Subordinate Offices

 NCISRA Kaneohe, HI

1096 Second Deck
MCBH Kaneohe Bay, HI 96863
Telephone: (808) 257-1777
DSN: (315) 457-1777

 NCISRA Marianas, HI

Bldg 2, Second Floor
Commander, Naval Forces Marianas
Santa Rita, Guam 96915
Telephone: (671) 339-7220
DSN: (315) 339-7220
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